Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Back in the saddle!

Just in case anyone still reads this blog, yes I have finally had the baby. Number four has arrived, Marlon (a boy) is now 3 months old and was born on the 28th August at home.

My life has been full and crazy and without time to even blink!

I have managed to squish 10 minutes here and there of knitting. Trying to knit the 6 year old a cotton jumper (Jo Sharp) and only managed to do half of the front.

Here is another pic of the new one (not the jumper).

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Not Ready

Oh my god, 11 weeks to go??? I am definitely not ready, the new baby thing really takes you by surprise when there are already 3 to run around after. Well not actually RUN around. Picking up things off the floor is bad enough.

I haven't even knitted anything for the new one, I don't really have to we have plenty of boy clothes, did I mention we were having ANOTHER boy? We don't do anything by halves around here...

I'm still plodding away with the latest Knitted Babe, almost finished her clothes. We have changed internet providers (along with the phone - love the new Nokia) and it has been a bit of a nightmare. Losing all my email contacts, long and interesting phone calls to call centres in other countries..., needing to change my username and then taking days to do this (the underscore really was a problem). I know this was a small life problem but a consuming one.

Needless to say, no pictures for this post.

Friday, 30 May 2008


I've been feeling sooooo guilty about not posting recently, I have a great excuse, you know, tired, pregnant, too much running around after little people. The real reason is that every time I think about posting something I analyse it too much rather than just writing it down and putting it out there. And there's another thing too, every time I put pictures into the post I have to cut and paste the text back and forth so the pictures are in some sort of order as I write about them... It's frustrating but something I really should learn about and can't be bothered with.

So... what have I been doing lately apart from falling asleep on the couch instead of knitting? After finishing the coat, yay (havn't done all the weaving in yet) I started on another knitted babe for my son's friend from school, she is being very patient... (or she has forgotten that I am knitting one).

Here are some 'in progress' photo's...

She has now been but together, still have to finish the hair though and once that is done to make the clothes.

A couple of projects got started and finished, with my Dad's birthday looming and not much money, socks seems very appropriate...

and I squished a dishcloth in, this was fun, I got the yarn from The Wool Shack and used Peaches and Cream cotton in Sour Green Apple, here's the pattern.

Yet another project started (not too many finished), this is for next spring/summer, no more huge baby bump! (well, hopefully)

I am using Soho Summer DK Cotton (Jo Sharp), Sailboat. Dead easy but I love to wear simple patterns. Let's see if this actually gets finished by summer...

This probably wouldn't be at the bottom of the post, or shouldn't be but I got my Ravelry invite (don't thing I posted about putting my name on the list). Another black hole in my time management, it's great, it's easy to get lost in Ravelry and forget about what I should be doing in the real world (sleeping probably).