Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Not Ready

Oh my god, 11 weeks to go??? I am definitely not ready, the new baby thing really takes you by surprise when there are already 3 to run around after. Well not actually RUN around. Picking up things off the floor is bad enough.

I haven't even knitted anything for the new one, I don't really have to we have plenty of boy clothes, did I mention we were having ANOTHER boy? We don't do anything by halves around here...

I'm still plodding away with the latest Knitted Babe, almost finished her clothes. We have changed internet providers (along with the phone - love the new Nokia) and it has been a bit of a nightmare. Losing all my email contacts, long and interesting phone calls to call centres in other countries..., needing to change my username and then taking days to do this (the underscore really was a problem). I know this was a small life problem but a consuming one.

Needless to say, no pictures for this post.

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